Culture adds more value to the business – Meet J2 Sourcing’s visionary CEO, Peter Huber

16 augusti 2022

J2 Sourcing is a fast-growing service provider of electronic components for the global manufacturing industry. The company offers customized solutions and services aimed at handling customers’ excess, improving supply chain while adhering to high quality standards and exceptional customer service.

What is on the agenda?

Our company is on a growth journey and is rapidly expanding to meet the increased demand from both existing and new customers. It is therefore important to keep up the speed in the organization, delivering on the expectations with the right people by building a sustainable business.

Culture beats strategy, right?

The employees are the J2 business, there is no doubt about that and we’re very proud of each one. A strong value-based culture is everything. We are a modern company and have a fantastic, diverse team of employees representing more than 30 nationalities reflecting the local society in the Malmö area. With employees from all over the world, every workday gives new insights with various experiences, adding more value to the entire company.

Today, J2 Sourcing is a different company compared to where it was only three years back, and we need to be part of that development. It’s therefore crucial that we attract new talent but that we also maintain and develop our employees, and not least that we all work towards one common goal, building a value-based culture by adding all our experiences that each one of us brings, to the success of the company. We are creating J2 Sourcing today, tomorrow – together!

How do you attract new talents and retain people?

To drive our business forward we need to be an attractive employer to bring the right people onboard. We are a highly professional company where our employees’ talent significantly contributes to our continued success. Culture is key to our success and this is also why we have welcomed J2 Sourcing’s new Chief People Culture and Officer, Sofi Bernflo to add on her expertise on developing the organization and culture. A Brand identity project has now been initiated and I believe it will align the organization and, in the end, move J2 Sourcing from a good company to a great one!

J2 Sourcing offers a place to professionally grow with a full-time position, market salary, competitive compensation package including benefits at work as well as health and financial security and to save the best to last – great employees that are passionate about their work. With the right team I’m confident that we will be the next generation’s modern company. It’s a true privilege to lead such passionate employees and I believe that many opportunities await everyone at J2 Sourcing, says Peter Huber.


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